Why we are Proud to Be a Carbon Neutral Company

By EmmaJune 8, 2018

–This article was last updated on 16 November 2021-

At ExpenseIn, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities as a leading player in the technology industry. As such, we have recently made the switch to become a carbon neutral company, meaning our operations have a net zero carbon footprint. This exciting news is part of our drive to fight climate change, as we are well aware of the urgency of this aim.

Vector image of a green planet

The consensus amongst the scientific community is that the warming of the Earth that has been occurring over the last 50 years can be attributed to the greenhouse gas emissions. The effects of such emissions could be disastrous if they cause further temperature increases, potentially causing droughts, extreme flooding, a dramatic sea level rise and many others forms of weather-related chaos.

What’s more, the worst of these effects are likely to be felt in parts of the world which have the lowest impact on climate change, with the lowest carbon footprints. This is something we in the Western world should be highly aware of, and take responsibility for. As such, we are dedicated to making ourselves an example of corporate responsibility at such an urgent moment in history.

Providing an Example for Other Businesses

As a carbon neutral company, we hope to inspire other business leaders to get on board with carbon neutrality. Organisations can achieve certification by taking any number of different measures, including embracing renewable energy or purchasing carbon credits. These credits can be bought with the aim of offsetting carbon emission: one carbon credit is equivalent to one ton of carbon. These credits can be purchased from carbon finance projects that have been instated to reduce emissions and make a commitment to nurturing communities and the environment.

On top of the environmental benefits, reducing carbon emissions can save an organisation money when done strategically. If companies set out an intelligent and considered energy plan, taking into account insulation improvements or the possibility of generating suitable energy themselves, energy bills can be brought down dramatically. Teaching employees about the importance of saving energy is another great way of doing this, as well as providing vital environmental education.

Our Ethos

As the producers of a cloud-based software, we are highly attuned to the benefits of reducing waste; particularly paper waste. Phasing out dependency on paper and moving work to the realm of the digital is a fantastic way for companies to save trees, reduce emissions and increase the efficiency of their operations. In fact, we are open to embracing new ways of working sustainably, with many of our employees encouraged to work remotely to save resources, time, money and, ultimately, the planet.