ExpenseIn Announces Release of Allstar Transaction Feed

By Linda RoperAugust 10, 2022

ExpenseIn is delighted to announce the release of the automated transaction feed with Allstar to manage company card receipts in a smarter way. Allstar is the leading provider of a wide range of bespoke fuel cards, business credit cards and fleet management solutions.Allstar hero image

Synchronise your Allstar Card Spend with ExpenseIn

Since its beginnings over 40 years ago, creating innovation in payment solutions for their customers has been at the core of Allstar. With over 7,700 sites in their network, Allstar covers 90% of the UK's fuel stations, making it the largest UK fuel network.

Integrating Expenseln with Allstar is a simple one-time process. The automated transaction feed means that transactions automatically appear in ExpenseIn. Coupled with the ExpenseIn app, Allstar cardholders can capture their receipts on the go and submit their business expenses effortlessly.

It’s exciting to partner with Allstar, as we’re always looking to connect and provide integrations with like-minded companies. With the automated transaction feed, time-consuming data entry to manage receipts will now become a thing of the past for Allstar card users.

Richard Jones, Product Director, ExpenseIn

The partnership allows our customers to efficiently manage their card expenses with an easy to use portal and app. Set up is simple and Allstar will send the card transactions directly to ExpenseIn, helping customers to save time and to concentrate on more important matters for their business.

Alan Buckland, VP Product Management, Commercial Payments, Allstar

If you want to learn more about the Allstar integration, please click here or book a free demo with our sales team.