ExpenseIn Partners with Telleroo for Streamlined Expense Reimbursements

By Ashley FerroOctober 16, 2023

ExpenseIn is thrilled to announce its latest integration with Telleroo, a leading bulk business payment solution. This partnership offers businesses a streamlined method to handle multiple expense reimbursements in one go, significantly reducing administrative burdens for finance teams. 

ExpenseIn and Telleroo Integration

This integration is designed to cater to UK businesses of all sizes and industries, aiming to simplify the often complex and time-consuming process of expense reimbursements. With just a few clicks, expenses approved in ExpenseIn can be swiftly processed for payment in Telleroo. 

“We wanted to offer our users a seamless experience from the moment they log an expense to the moment they get reimbursed. This integration with Telleroo not only speeds up the reimbursement process but also ensures it's more secure and compliant.” 

Rich Jones, Product Director, ExpenseIn 

Key benefits of the ExpenseIn and Telleroo integration include: 

  • Time Savings: Approve expenses in ExpenseIn, then send them to Telleroo with a single click to pay them all at once. 

  • Reduce Errors: By eliminating the need for manual bank transfers for employee reimbursements, you significantly cut down on human errors, ensuring accurate and timely payments. 

  • Enhanced Control: With Telleroo, you add a second layer of security to your expense reimbursements: one person creates the pay run in ExpenseIn, another approves in Telleroo, making it extra secure. 

"This new ExpenseIn and Telleroo partnership enables businesses to ensure employee reimbursements are accurate and on-time, automating another crucial part of the payment process for UK businesses." 

Kayleigh Graham, Head of Partnerships and Growth, Telleroo 

The ExpenseIn and Telleroo integration is now available. To get a firsthand look at how it can benefit your business, join our upcoming webinar to witness the power of the ExpenseIn and Telleroo integration in action.